Facility Amenities

Facility Amenities

Altitude Chamber

The altitude chamber is open to the general public and can be bought within a package, or athletes can buy individual sessions.

How It Works:
For the first two days, the chamber is set at sea level then the next two days are set to higher altitude levels.

Boost Treadmill

The load-reducing treadmill is meant to serve athletes with an injury or who want to use the treadmill for a cross-training or recovery day.

How It Works:
This treadmill fills up with air and allows you to take your body weight off each step during your run. 

Golf Trackman

The Golf Trackman is part of a golf fitness assessment and can also be used as a training tool for golfers.

How It Works:
The Trackman provides real-time feedback on club speed, ball speed, and other golf parameters to help improve your swing. The trackman can be purchased as a package, assessment, or session.

Recovery Room

The recovery room is for athletes to use before or after a workout or on off days. The recovery room has Normatec compression boots, Hypervolt vibration massage guns, and a Game Ready ice machine. Athletes can purchase the recovery room as an add-on, package, or single session.

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