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Sports Performance

Sports Performance Training

Our first-of-its-kind center is a cutting-edge, 60,000 square-foot laboratory geared toward helping you prevent injuries, prepare you to perform and create an environment to help you recover — both mentally and physically.

Athletes can enroll in a program, membership, or assessment for training. It all starts with a consultation at which we will design the perfect program to suit your athletic endeavors.

Sports Performance Programs

Junior Speed and Strength

Available: Year-Round
Age Group: Ages 12-14

The junior strength and speed program is for athletes 12-14 years old and focuses on learning the proper body weight movements of a squat, lunge, hinge, and push-up. This program will also include agility, power, speed, and endurance training. Scroll down to see days/times.

Prep Speed and Strength

Available: Year-Round
Age Group: Ages 15-18

This program is meant to be an off-season strength and conditioning program for high school athletes. After going through an assessment, athletes will follow a periodized plan of plyometric, speed, and strength training. Athletes will develop power by learning proper Olympic weightlifting techniques that will transfer to the playing ground. Scroll down to see session dates and times.

Runner's Speed and Strength

Available: Year-Round
Age Group: Ages 18+

Runner's strength and speed development will focus on the characteristics needed to improve running economy and running efficiency. This includes core stability, plyometrics, low volume strength training, and neuromuscular control. Scroll down to see session dates and times.

Adult Sports Performance Membership

Available: Year-Round
Age Group: Ages 18+

This membership includes a general assessment of mobility and stability limitations and performance. Based on your goals, a performance program is written for you to do at Hybl on your own.

Team Training

Available: Year-Round
Age Group: Ages 12+

Team training is available for all sports and ages.

Facility Rental

Available: Year-Round
Age Group: Ages 9+

The Hybl Center offers opportunities for facility rental, including strength training, cage rental, and other amenities. 

Add-on Memberships for Parents

Parents who have an athlete training in either junior speed and strength or prep speed and strength can pay extra to work out when their kid is training

Return to Sports Performance Program

This program is intended for athletes who have had an injury and train for a competitive or recreational sport or activity. This is a small group program that a certified athletic trainer (ATC) will be leading. The ATC will collaborate with your medical provider on your rehab program and the exercises that should be included to get you back to your sport.

This is a fee-for-service program intended to bridge the gap between physical therapy and sports performance training, as well as to limit movement and muscle deficiencies, maximize performance, and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Wellness Programs

Exercise and Nutrition is Medicine

Work with a wellness specialist to identify your goals and start working towards a healthier you!

With this program, you will receive a customized remote training program, InBody assessment, and exercise assessment at the beginning and end of your 12-week journey to help track progress.

Personal Training

Personal training is available to those who are looking to work with a wellness specialist to achieve fitness goals and receive guidance on a work out program.

Lactate Threshold Add-on

Learn your aerobic efficiency by testing your blood lactate during exercise. This test will provide insight into specific training zones for your body and fitness level, as well as when your body is burning carbohydrates at a faster rate.

You will leave this test with key action strategies to help you meet your goals.

Body Composition

Get your body composition assessed with either the InBody machine or BodPod.

Drop in Programs

Learn more about Cross-training and Fitness foundations, offered to the community 

Sports Performance Assessments

Runner's Assessment

This three-part running analysis includes a movement screen related to running mechanics, physical examinication, and video analysis on a force plate treadmill. Athletes will receive a multi-page print out of areas to work on and exercises to help improve running performance. 

Bike Fit

The Retul Bike fit assessment includes a detailed analysis of body anthropometrics to give specific bike measurements for improved comfort, injury reduction, and performance enhancement. The 3D motion capture analysis provides immediate feedback on biomechanics, taking the bike fit to the next level.

Golf Assessment

The golf fitness assessment includes a 2D motion capture analysis using DARI, a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) movement screen that is golf specific, hitting in the TrackMan and getting real-time feedback on golf-specific measurements (ball speed, club speed, club path, face angle), performance measurements, and a take-home work out program.

Metabolic Testing

VO Max Testing

VO2max/peak testing is the ‘gold-standard’ for assessing cardio-respiratory health and aerobic fitness. This service is also available in a simulated altitude of choice for an additional cost.

Exercise Economy

This test measures sub-maximal VO2, determining how efficient you are during exercise and strategies to help improve efficiency. 

Lactate Threshold

This test determines lactate threshold (LT), making training more efficient by exercises near your LT, increasing the body’s capacity and percentage of VO2max.

Resting Metabolic Rate

This test measures your baseline energy consumption to help determine daily caloric intake.

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