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Imagine learning as a student in the same space clinicians and doctors are interacting with patients. That exclusive opportunity awaits students enrolled in UCCS academic programs nestled within the first-of-its-kind Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology & Nutrition
  • Master of Science in Athletic Training
  • Master of Sciences in Health Promotion
  • Master of Sciences in Applied Physiology

We're doing something nobody else in the country can do. The Hybl Center is unique in that it actually blends true clinical practice - professionals working in the same building as undergraduate students. There is no other program in the country, and I'll say the world, that is audacious enough to try that. When you pair that with we are in Colorado Springs, Olympic City USA, with the military community we have here, we are home to elite level performers. There are opportunities here that nobody else in the country has.

Andy Subudhi, PhD, FACSM, CSCS