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Elite athlete? Weekend warrior? Or are you just trying to get back to work and life? No matter your goals, our Sports Performance offerings at the Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center offer you the opportunity to reach your potential. Our first-of-its-kind center is a cutting-edge, 60,000 square-foot laboratory geared toward helping you prevent injuries, prepare you to perform and create an environment to help you recover — both mentally and physically.

Please continue reading to view all our programs and memberships, which include both in-person and remote opportunities.

Our Membership Options

Adaptive Membership

AWD (athletes with disabilities) will have the opportunity to purchase memberships and use some of the equipment that is available

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Remote Training

Athletes who would like to follow a specific strength program can sign up for this membership to work with a coach on achieving performance goals.

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Recovery Room

Athletes can purchase a membership that allows them access to our recovery room 

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Load Reducing Treadmill

Athletes can purchase a membership which will allow them to use the load reducing treadmill during certain times

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Our Programs

Our programs are open to the community, and you do not need a referral to participate. If you would like to try out a program for free, call today at 719-776-4925


Fall 2020
Youth  (10-13 years)
Fall 2020
High School (14-18 years)
Fall 2020
Adult – (Drop in) recreational (18+)
Fall 2020
Adult – competitive (18+)
Fall 2020
Master’s Level (30+)
Fall 2020
AWD (All wheel drive/athletes with disabilities) membership (15+)
Fall 2020
Return to Performance (12+)



Our Assessments

  • Endurance
    • Triathlete
    • Runner’s 
    • Cycling 
  • Tactical
    • General preparation assessment (geared towards prepping you for basic training)
    • Specific preparation assessment (multiple assessments throughout training to help you gage improvements) 
  • Strength and Power
    • Golf (adult)
    • High school specific sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey, etc) 
  • Youth
    • Developmental and Physical assessment for youth athletes to determine peak height velocity as a way to train “windows of opportunity” for youth athletes. 
  • Injury Risk
    • Upper extremity risk assessment 
    • Lower extremity risk assessment
  • Metabolic*
    • VO2 max 
    • Lactate Threshold



Centura Health

As the region’s largest health care network, Centura Health is now partnered with one of the region’s fastest growing universities.
Centura Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of its communities. With 17 hospitals, 13 affiliate hospitals, home care, hospice care, two senior living communities, medical clinics, Flight For Life® Colorado and 100+ physician practices across Colorado and Kansas, Centura Health is a natural partner with UCCS in creating and operating the Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center.

Centura Health’s expertise in the field of health and medicine will provide UCCS students the competitive edge on new experiential learning opportunities. In addition, for patients seeking out the capabilities of an Olympic-level sports performance center accessible to all, look no further. Centura physicians’ unmatched expertise in sports medicine and orthopedics is now available exclusively at the Hybl Center with the goal to elevate the sports performance of athletes, while also providing an athlete care experience unlike anything available in the United States.

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