Return to Performance Program

Return to Performance Program

About the Program

This program is intended for athletes who have had an injury and train for a competitive or recreational sport or activity. This is a small group program that a certified athletic trainer (ATC) will be leading. The ATC will collaborate with your medical provider on your rehab program and the exercises that should be included to get you back to your sport. This is a fee-for-service program intended to bridge the gap between physical therapy and sports performance training, as well as to limit movement and muscle deficiencies, maximize performance, and reduce risk of reinjury.

RTP includes one-on-one or small group training and the following health care and performance services:

  • Clinical and performance assessments
  • Training specifically designed for safe return to sport, resilience against future injury, increased level of performance
  • Therapeutic services
Phase 1:
One on One Training
Phase 2:
Small Group Activities
Phase 3:
Small Group Training

Adult Sports Performance RTP Program

The Return to Performance Adult Group is targeted toward the adult athlete who is recovering from a recent or chronic injury and is looking to continue to be regularly active and/or competitive.  The group is designed for adults who have a “train like an athlete” mindset and desire more than what is needed for normal day-to-day activities. The small group sessions are designed to allow for a personalized experience while experiencing community with other like-minded individuals working their way back to what they love to do.

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