Sports Performance

Our Testing & Assessments

General Assessments

  • General Assessments

    Our general assessment uses 2D movement analysis to identify movement compensation or limitations. It also assesses individual strength, stability, speed, and power. The sports performance staff uses this information to either recommend a program or design a program for athletes to do at home or at a gym.


Runner's Assessment

  • Runner's Assessment

    This three-part running analysis includes a movement screen related to running mechanics, physical examination, and video analysis on a force plate treadmill. Athletes will receive a multi-page printout of areas to work on and exercises to help improve running performance.



Return to Performance Assessment

  • Return to Performance Assessment

    Athletes who enroll in the Return to Performance program will go through an initial assessment to determine what phase they should start in. Click on the Return to Performance tab to learn more about this program.


Golf Assessment

  • Golf Assessment

    This assessment aids golfers in fine-tuning their biomechanics through a combination of strength and conditioning training, motion capture technology and a golf simulator experience. Participants are analyzed using DARI, a motion capture platform, that gives instant feedback on the user’s motion health, including mobility, alignment, and force.


Metabolic Testing

  • Metabolic Testing

    The Hybl Center now offers metabolic testing for the community, including services such as VO2 max testing, lactate threshold testing, and resting metabolic rate, and many more!

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