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Our Internship Program

  1. Our Program Explained

    Centura Sports Performance at the Hybl Centers offers competitive internship programs for students. Our program is curriculum‐based emphasizing hands‐on learning while addressing practical considerations to human performance. This learning experience provides a context for translating theories into practice.As an intern, you’ll attend lectures, labs, and practical application sessions emphasizing strength and conditioning methods and industry-specific professionalism. Each week you will observe and participate in the services we offer to our athletes through a rotating schedule of performance coaches and physical therapists. Throughout the internship you will be given the opportunity to lead athletes through training sessions and assessments. 

  2. Qualified Candidates

    We are looking for individuals who are proactive, motivated, have a high level of professionalism and detail-oriented. Individuals must be pursuinga degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science/Physiology, or a related field. Applicantsshould possess a strong desire to become a professional in field of Strength and Conditioning, Sports Performance, or Sports Medicine. 


    See our qualifications below:

  3. Undergraduate student in their junior or senior year or Graduate student.
  4. Enrolled in an exercise science, exercise phisiology, kinesiology, strength and conditioning, or related field
  5. Plan to receive academic credit for the internship during the coinciding semester
  6. Able to dedicate at least 300 hours over 12 weeks to receive the Hybl Completion Certificate
  7. Able to complete your college or university's specific hour requirements
  8. Interested in a career path of Human Performance or Strength and Conditioning
  9. Competent in anatomy and physiology
  10. Computer literate in Word and Excel
  11. Excellent communication skills
  12. Attention to detail
  13. Able to adapt and adjust quickly
  14. Proactive and action oriented
  15. BLS Certified

If you are interested in applying for the internship program, send us an email